All Your Review Data. Fast. 

QuickPulse aggregates all the historical customer reviews for a given Amazon product or Yelp business and delivers them in a simple, single Excel file. Ideal for investors looking to understand consumer sentiment around a prospective deal target or business-owners who want all their reviews in one place. Get your review data delivered in minutes, for a flat, low processing fee, with QuickPulse.


1. Submit an Amazon or Yelp URL

Navigate to the Amazon or Yelp page of the product or business that you're interested in with your web browser. Copy the page's URL and paste it into the pop-up window that appears after selecting the Amazon or Yelp button on our "Start a Study" tab. Click through to submit the request and begin your study.


2. QuickPulse compiles & Sends Review Data

QuickPulse's server receives your request and accesses the web page in question. Our algorithm extracts and complies the full history of review data for that product or business. This can take several minutes for businesses with many thousands of reviews. Once complied, the data is exported to Excel and emailed directly to you.


3. Easily Analyze Customer Review History 

With all review data in one file, a prospective investor or business owner can more easily analyze and gather customer insights, no longer having to flip across multiple web pages or manually copy & paste reviews into a file one-by-one. Study how star ratings vary over time, make word clouds of review text, or parse individual reviews for strengths and areas for improvement.